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An Israeli consortium led by Prof. Hassan Azaizeh from the GALILEE SOCIETY-THE ARAB NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR HEALTH RESEARCH & SERVICES, setting up a proposal under call topic: BBI-2020-SO1-D1Resolve supply-chain hurdles for turning residual waste streams into functional , is looking for potential partners (academic researcher(s), SMEs, large industry) with expertise and experience in Coccidiosis in chicken and/or pigs and companies with expertise in OMWW treatment (centrifuge and evaporation).
To express your interest please fill out the attached form and send directly to:hazaizeh@yahoo.com
No later than July 31, 2020

An Israeli food chemistry lab, targeted at functional food, food health contribution and health-related secondary metabolites, established in THE AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION OF ISRAEL - THE VOLCANI CENTRE is looking to join a consortium setting up a proposal for BBI call topic— Produce food ingredients with high nutritional value from aquatic sources.
Groups that are setting up a proposal are invited to contact -
Dr. Zipora Tietel, Researcher tietel@agri.gov.il




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